Phil Jennings IV currently serves as the CEO of Nature Crisp. Phil holds a B.S.A. Agribusiness from The College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at the University of Georgia. As an 11th generation farmer, agriculture has always been a huge part of his life and drives his immense passion for working the land and growing crops. Through his family’s group of companies, collectively known as The Jennings Group, Phil has previously worked on niche agriculture operations within the food and fiber markets in Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada, and throughout the United States. He specializes on startups with unique barriers to entry into the marketplace. His extensive diversified experience and network built through these projects provide smooth transitions for companies as they enter a new industry. He permanently resides in Soperton, Georgia with his wife and daughters.


Nature Crisp, who we are and what we can do!

At Nature Crisp, we have a collective team of people combined with over 100 years of passion & experience within the agricultural industry and 30 years breeding with variety improvements. 


Is to be the industry leader within the hemp world, to provide sustainable, industrial hemp seed and plugs / starts at an affordable price that supports the local farmers and community.


  • Poor germination rate
  • Unproven genetics
  • Unstablized feminized seeds
  • Crop that goes Hot
  • Poor Yields
  • Lack of trust
Substandard genetics flooding the market that are putting farmers at risk on   several fronts, with too high a percentage THC and a low quality yield in effect giving less tonnage per acre thereby dramatically reducing the farmers and communities profits.


  • Third party tested for assured feminization & germination rate
  • Consultancy for producers
  • Our strains yield higher than the current inferior genetics.
  • Seed certification through Georgia Crop Improvement Association which meets AOSCA standards



We are supplying you the best Hemp CBD genetics North America has to offer in both seed form or as an already established small plants known as a plug / start.

Along with our top of the range genetics we offer our customers a consultancy service package on how to get the most out of your investment to achieve the highest yield possible.



We have taken things a step further and can offer starts / plugs to our customers which give you an extra 3 weeks to your growing season, no more waiting on germination, these plants are ready to go straight into the ground.


No more gaps in the fields because of failed germination, just a sea of green of healthy plants from edge to beautiful edge of your fields.

More plants = More biomass = An easier life!