Nutrient Dense & High Brix

The phrase “compare apples to apples” meaning to compare two items that are exactly the same, may become obsolete.  Research indicates that how fruits and vegetables are grown significantly impacts the nutrition levels found in the food – the nutrient value in one apple could vary from another apple.

Food grown in over-worked, depleted soils simply does not have the same nutritional value as food grown in soils enriched with a proper level nutrients.  In short, fruits and vegetables can only reach their optimum level of nutrition if the soil is also nutrient rich.

Nutrient Dense ™ is growing protocol that utilizes nutrient enriched soils and a targeted feeding delivery system for growing fruits and vegetables – resulting in produce with a higher nutrient content than produce grown in depleted soil.  By testing the soils to determine deficiencies and then supplementing using Nutrient Dense ™ methods, produce will be more nutritious and taste better.  And of course, if the saying “you are what you eat” holds true, consuming more nutritious produce means your body receives the benefit of additional nutrition.

High Brix ™ is a way to measure the actual nutritional value of fresh fruits and vegetables using “Brix,” a method originally developed by Dr. Carey Reams.  Brix uses a refractive index with plant sap to determine the nutritional value of produce.  While there is a lot of material to read about Brix, Reams’ research, along with others, shows the higher refractive index of a fresh produce item correlates with higher sugar content, higher mineral content, higher protein content and a greater specific gravity or density. This adds up to a sweeter tasting, more nutritious food with lower nitrate and water content, lower freezing point, and better storage attributes.

Nature Crisp utilizes Nutrient Dense ™ and HighBrix™ methods when possible to improve the flavor and nutritional value of the vegetables grown on our farm  – and we seek to partner with like-minded farmers using the systems as well.