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Chefs and foodies, rejoice! From edible flowers and herbs to microgreens and vegetables, Nature Crisp Chef’s Select provides specialty produce to fine restaurants and gourmet home cooks.  Rooted in the belief that quality ingredients and special touches create memorable meals, our team is focused on growing and procuring five-star produce for our customers.

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.
― Virginia WoolfA Room of One’s Own

Nutritious and Delicious

Can form really marry function in the world of food?  Can a dish be delicious, beautiful and nutritious?  Nature Crisp responds with a resounding, “Indeed!”  We make every effort to grow our vegetables utilizing Nutrient Dense ™ growing protocol and the HighBrix™ nutrient measurement system. Nutrient Dense ™ employs nutrient enriched soils and feeding techniques for growing fruits and vegetables – resulting in produce with higher nutrient content than produce grown in over-farmed, depleted soil.  High Brix ™ is a way to measure the actual nutritional value of fresh fruits and vegetables.  In other words, the method used to grow food significantly impacts the nutrient levels in the food! Learn more at about this exciting new growing system at: NutrientDenseProduce.com.

Microgreens are the all the rage and for good reason.  While eagle-eyed chefs and food aficionados love the way microgreens garnish soups, sandwiches and salads – not to mention the delicious, fresh taste they add to dishes, the big news is the high level of nutrients in the young plants.

Researchers at the US Department of Agriculture and the University of Maryland recently completed a scientific analysis of the nutrients in microgreens with interesting results. It seems the tiny plants pack a powerful nutritional punch.

The researchers analyzed four groups of vitamins and other phytochemicals in 25 varieties of microgreens. The results indicated almost all of the microgreens had four – six times more nutrients than the mature leaves of the same plant. Of course, as with mature plants, there are differences between plant types: red cabbage recorded the highest level of vitamin C while the green daikon radish had more vitamin E.

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The best news?  Nutritious vegetables and microgreens, along with fresh herbs and edible flowers are available from Nature Crisp.  Check our selection and watch for specials and recipe ideas in our blog, Chef’s Table.