Here at Nature Crisp we strive to help Tower Garden owners and distributors have a successful experience. Many times owners get discouraged with their Tower Garden for a variety of reasons ranging from poor seed/variety selection, insect pressure, disease pressure, cleanliness, and/or other issues.

We think the key to having a beautiful Tower Garden and healthier plants begins with education. We offer workshops here at the farm for the public on Saturdays throughout the year to help our friends understand their Tower Garden and how to become a successful grower of beautiful, healthy fruits and vegetables. While here you can tour the our climate controlled greenhouses where our commercial Tower Garden operation of nearly 300 Towers are loaded with an array of different lettuces, herbs, flowers, and other veggies.

Also you will hear from Nature Crisp owner Phil Jennings on tips and knowledge that he has gathered throughout his time growing commercially that will not only educate you on proper procedures from start to finish but also recharge your desire to grow healthy plants for you and your family.

Check out our events and sign up to be a part of an educational experience that with assist you in becoming a successful grower. If you would like to inquire about bringing your own group on a different day please email us at [email protected]  and we will work with you to arrange a private tour of the commercial growing facility and workshop on the Tower Garden. Please let us share our knowledge with you to ensure that you have a positive experience with your Tower Garden.

Current Events (Check back soon if an event or workshop is not listed – we’re always up  to something!)